The Wrong Things To Do


1. Do not take food or drinks into the lab.

2. Do not play or run inside the lab.

3. Do not litter in the lab and Do not remove or disconnect any cable.

4. Do not insert any objects into the computer.

5. Do not remove or take any item away from the computer lab.

6. Do not touch any part of the computer with wet hands.

7. Do not hit the keys on the keyboard too hard.

8. Do not make noise.

9. Do not disturb others.

10. Do not fight for your turn to work on the computer.

11. Do not listen to music at a very high volume on computers.

All images are taken from: Discovering ICT Year 1 Textbook, First Published 2009, Printed by Colours Pte Ltd, Singapore

Prepared By: Zuheda Binti Hj Jamil  [10D0130]


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