The Right Things To Do

1. Sit down. Wait for the teacher’s instruction.

2. Sit properly in front of your computer.

3. Make sure your hands are clean and dry when you use the computer.

4. Report any problems with your computer to the teacher.

5. Shut down the computer properly.

6. Keep the lab clean and tidy.

7. You should always remove your shoes outside the computer room.

8. Make a queue while going to the computer lab.

9. Clean your computer with a soft, dry cloth.

10. Keep a distance from the monitor to protect your eyes.

11. Share the computer with your classmates.

All images are taken from: Discovering ICT Year 1 Textbook, First Published 2009, Printed by Colours Pte Ltd, Singapore

Prepared By: Zuheda Binti Hj Jamil  [10D0130]


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