Output Devices


  • Computer is fed with a lot of data to be processed and organised.
  • The data that has been processed into a useful form is called OUTPUT.
  • Output is the result we get through output devices.
  • Examples of out devices are:
    • Monitor
    • Printer
    • Speaker
    • Headphone


  • A monitor is an output device similar to a television screen.
  • It is used to display text and graphics.


  • A printer is an output device that print text and graphics from a computer  onto paper.
  • A printer can produce both black and white and colour images.


  • A speaker  allows  you to hear the sound generated by your computer.
  • Speaker produces sound or music.


  • Headphone is used to listen to music and sounds.
  • Headphone usually have strap that rests on top of the head and a pair of speakers over both ears.

Note: Most of the pictures are taken from http://visual.merriam-webster.com

Prepared by: Nurizah Binti Ramli [10D0124]


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