Input Devices Interactive Games

Here are several interactive games for students to try. These interactive games involved the topic the students have learn which is input devices.

1) The first game is called “On Target?”.  This game can be either play individually, 2 players or multiple player. The game is ideal for group work.

To play the game, the students first have to input their name in the space given. Then the students can pick their own skill level. The skill level are being offered in three different levels. Then the students can choose their own target percentage. The target percentage can be choose from 0 – 100 %.  For every right answers, the students can play a shooting game in order to accumulated scores. But if the students answer wrong, another question will be display until the students can answer the questions correctly. The students can choose the answer in multiple choice type. Then the students can start the game.

Click on the website below in order to start the game. Good luck students!!

2) The second game is called “Teacher Invaders”. The student only have to answer 6 questions. The game is for individual game only. The purpose is to make sure which students can answer the question the quickest.

The student have to answer the questions after a certain time limit and in the mean time, the student get to play a shooting game. This game require the use of a mouse to do the work. At the end of the game, the results will be display and the points from shooting target will also be display.

Click on the website below in order to start the game. Good luck students!!

Prepared by: Nurizah Binti Ramli [10D0124]


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